Our Mission

Our mission is to assist people in living healthier and more active lives.  We strive to improve overall health by addressing and treating the causes of pain, immobility and inactivty. Additionally, Atlantis Physical Therapy Group, Inc. works to incorporate the best aspects of both Eastern and Western workable treatments.  From Yoga and Shiatsu Massage to Nautilus fitness equipment and Pilates, we accomplish this not only with the individual, but the entire community as well.


Our goal is to expand the modalities of Physical Therapy into practical life activities that have been proven to maintain strong flexible bodies. For example, we use elements of Yoga, dance and Martial Arts to treat underlying problems - not just the symptoms.  

The future includes ensuring Physical Therapy, as a practice, continues to be relevant to modern health concerns.  We also support the renewal of the industry so Physical Therapists in the surrounding area have the means to share resources and collaborate in order to improve their overall quality of care.  All the while, upholding standards of ethics and conduct that guarantee the role of leadership in the healing arts for years to come.

Letter from the President

Dear Friends,​


Ever since I was a child, I have been dedicated to activities that improved my health.  Playing sports as a youngster, I soon became aware of the relationship between physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  However, something was missing. I realized that I was only able to help people who were already motivated to be physically fit.  I knew the benefits I had received from being in good shape. I knew what it did for me personally. I saw a direct relationship between my awareness of life around me and my personal fitness.  I became innately aware of the stress in my life through it manifestations in my physical well-being.   Emotions and relationships were enhanced when I felt good physically, and adversely affected when I didn't.  I wanted others to have this awareness as well, so began my career as a Physical Therapist.  Through Physical Therapy, not only have I been able to ease pain, I have been able to change the emotional well-being of individuals, restore their productivity and ultimately their self-esteem.


 I am more excited about the benefits of Pysical Therapy now than I was 20 years ago.  The direction we have chosen to take as a practice is exhilarating.  I hope you enjoy this website as it is another step towards bettering our practice.  It is designed for everyone involved in the Physical Therapy process; the patient, the doctor, the surgeon, the health care facilities, and even the attorneys.


I hope to see you at one of our facilities soon. Here's to good health for all!




Igor Yatskar

President, Atlantis Physical Therapy Group, Inc.

Atlantis Chiropractic

62 Warren Street

Roxbury, MA 02119

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911
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